Antibody Products

As the antibody quality leader, we offer quality antibodies for biomedical researches with very reasonable price

Custom  Antibody Service

Custom Antibody Service

Our develop high-affinity custom antibodies with leading quality and comprehensive production packages

Molecule Biology Service

Molecule Biology Service

Custom synthesis, expression, screening, purification, detection, and analysis of biomolecules, oligonucleotides, RNA, DNA, peptides, and proteins

Synthesis  Service

Synthesis Service

Services for:API synthesis & characterization,Peptide synthesis,Custom compound synthesis...

Our Popular Products

1. His-Tag (His.H8) mouse monoclonal antibody at $ 60/50 ug.

2. Anti-ABCA 1 (AB1.G6) mouse monoclonal antibody at $ 159/100 ug.

3. Anti-Mouse IgG (Rabbit) with Agarose Conjugation,  great value for collecting clean mouse IgGs.

4. Anti-methylated Lysine (Anti-MeK) antibody , FITC conjugate at $355/100ug.

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