Quick  Western Blot Re-Probe Solution                                   

Cat. No:  W-9906           $99/300mlEnough for 35-50  times usage( 10 x 10 Membrane)                                                                               

Product Description:  This second generation of non- β-mercabtoethanol solution will let the user to re-probe a Western Blot membrane for 4-6 times with  satisfied result. 

Features:    1.   The stripping buffer does not interfere with the function of target proteins.

2.        Easy to use

3.        Time Saving.

4.    Cost Saving  

Storage:   at 5° C - RT  for 6-8 month. At 4° C for 1 year. 


Step 1.   Decide how much solution needed for the membrane, usually,  6-10 ml for one membrane.

               Dilute the 5 x solution with D.W into 1x working solution ( 6-10 ml).

             Put a used Western Membrane in the working solution; shake at room temperature for

               10 - 15 min. if the membrane was with a stronger blot .

             Decant the used working solution.

Step 2.   Rinse the Membrane for 4-5 times by shaking 6-10 seconds/each with

              1 X PBS-T (0.1% tween20) or other accepted Western Wash Buffer

Step 3.  The stripped membrane is ready to use it as a new membrane.


 Notes: The used Western membrane must be kept in 1x PBS or wash buffer at 4 °C, reuse within one month.

            For longer storage,  keep a membrane at -20 °C., please strip, then wrap in plastic membrane and place  

            in the freezer.          

            Not guarantee for a dried used western membrane to have the desired result.




  1.    2.    3.


Fig.1 The nitrocellulose membrane. Mouse tissue protein.  With anti-actin, 1:30,000.

Fig.2 Same membrane from Fig.1. stripped  10 minutes and  re-probed with anti- β- Catenin 1ug/ml.

Fig.3  Same membrane from Fig.1 stripped 10 minutes and  re-probed with anti- β-Catenin, 0.1ug/ml. 


4.     5.   

Fig.4.The nitrocellulose membrane. Mouse tissue protein. Anti-actin, 1:30,000.

Fig. 5, Same membrane from Fig.2-A stripped 10 minutes re-probed with anti-P-GSK-3β 1:1000.










                                    This product is distributed for laboratory research only.Caution: Not for diagnostic use.