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Anti-Tumor Agent Evaluation Platform

We provide sub renal capsule grafting animal model for anti tumor agent evaluation in preclinical phase commercially.

Drug development has about 4 phases: preclinic, clinical Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. Often at phase 3 the developer has chance to test the agent effectiveness in wide range patient’s situation. If failed, the previously spent money and time would be wasted. By statistics 90% IND pass the preclinical tests, can't pass the clinic test, because the current preclinical research data has very limited value in judging therapeutic effectiveness, we need a way to provide the information about therapeutic effectiveness of the testing agent in the early stage, thus the pharmaceutical company can make better decision to avoid wasting money and time occurring in the later trials.

Animal models have been used in drug development for long time, specially for anti cancer treatment development, pharmaceutical company always seek better animal  model to improve the process in anti cancer drug development.

Better animal model needed to improve the cancer IND success rate, now a new way of making animal model has been developed -- sub renal capsule grafting, which directly use the clinical cancer samples and graft into sub renal capsule, when tumor grows, this mouse can be used to test the effectiveness of an agent as it were on human, the real human tumor has high surviving and growing rate in this animal model, so far only sub renal capsule grafting model can be used to closely resemble human tumor in animal, it can mimic the real human tumor growth pattern, even for the hard growing tumor by other grafting procedures, this model can be used to predict tumor response to chemotherapy or other treatments at large scale similar to the real clinical trial  condition, much better than currently used cell line animal models, subcutaneous grafting animal models and other animal models. This will greatly increase an IND success rate in clinical trials.

We provide in vivo and in vitro evaluation service with our established screening platform which compliant to wide recognized methods and standard for any party with interesting agent.

With our wide range of tumor cell line and clinical tumor tissue bank including a variety of human xenograft models of cancer, and our skilled staff, we can collaborate with you to seek out the better drug for tumor treatment.

Our platform provides a unique opportunity to simultaneously evaluate the efficacy of the agent on a array of tumor models and cell lines, also tests  relative efficacy of the different agent in the same tumor model, as protocol required

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You are here: Anti-Tumor Agent Evaluation Platform