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Molecular Biology Service


Product Price (US $)
DNA Subcloning Services $300
Standard Mammalian Cell Expression Construction ask
Fc Fusion Protein DNA Construction ask
Recombinant Antibody DNA Construction ask
Construction of single-chain antibodies (scFv) $3500
Construction of whole IgGs $5500
Fc Fusion Protein DNA Construction ask
Recombinant Antibody DNA Construction ask


1,Price/availability/specifications subject to change without notice. If not specified, all products and services are for in vitro research use only. Not for use in or on humans or animals.

2, Before you send your order, please send us an email, let us know your requirement and what you should prepare.


Orchestrating different elements essential for optimal mammalian gene expression.
Fast return;
Various DNA templates;
Vectors which you want to subclone DNA fragments into.

Fc fusion protein DNA construction:

Efficiently constructing N-term or C-term of Fc fusions of peptides and proteins with secretion signal and linker sequences fully optimized.


Good expression constructs have the right elements in the right positions. Having made thousands of mammalian expression constructs and tested them in cell culture and in vivo, we are highly experienced in designing expression constructs for superb expression.

Required materials:

a. Templates (plasmid, cDNA, genomic DNA, phage or cosmid DNA, tissue, cells, RNA or cDNA from tissue or cells) containing the target DNA fragments;
b. Vectors into which the desired DNA fragments need to be inserted; or E. coli strains containing the vectors;
c. DNA sequences, maps, antibiotic resistance, and cloning sites of original and destination vectors.


a. 4-10 μg lyophilized DNA vectors containing the desired DNA fragments; or
b. E. coli strains containing the DNA vectors with the desired DNA fragments;
c. A report including construct map and DNA sequence.

Fc fusion protein DNA construction:

Attachment of Fc (fragment constant from antibody) can enhance molecular functions in several important ways. First, Fc fusion significantly improve pharmacokinetic property of proteins and peptides because Fc can escape proteolytic degradtion. Second, Fc fusion allows accurate quantification and capturing. Third, as homodimers, Fc fusion molecules may have improved affinity to the binding partners. However, Fc attachment can also disrupt molecular functions if the fusions are made in the right way. We has expertise and the right system to design and construct Fc fusion molecules efficiently. With secretion signal and linker sequences fully optimized, our Fc fusions molecules are just better.

Recombinant antibody DNA construction:

Expression-ready mammalian genes - from text to 1 mg endotoxin-free DNA:

There are a series of experimental steps from thinking about a gene to obtaining the finished product for immediate downstream applications such as transfection or in vivo gene delivery. You can make it into a single step by contacting us, Specifically, email your genes of interest to us, and we will take care of everything.

This premium service includes template sourcing or gene synthesis, construct design, molecular cloning, sequence verification, endotoxin-free DNA production, and confirmation. Finished products are delivered with Certificate of Analysis. The list price of $1600 is applicable to cloning of genes with DNA templates up to 3 kb and gene synthesis up to 1 kb. If you need to clone larger genes, please contact us.

We can make expression constructs with desired changes such as point mutagenesis, truncation and Fc fusions,  also offers volume discounts for clients placing order of multiple genes, and efficiency discounts for orders containing variants of the same genes.

You are here: Molecule Biology