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Peptide Synthesis Services


Product Price (US $)
Standard peptide synthesis service ask
Modified peptide synthesis service ask


We utilize both the method of Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis (LPPS) and the method of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) to synthesize small to large scale, simple to complex, linear or cyclized peptides with various length up to 140 amino acids, and different purity levels, such as crude, desalted, >75%, >85%, >90%, >95%, >98%, and even above 99%. We synthesize standard and custom peptide libraries. We also provide various peptide modification, including N-terminal, C-terminal, or internal modification, Fluorescent or dye labeling, and modification with special amino acid, such as phosphorylated.

Turn-around time for crude and desalting peptides is about 7 working days. Analytical HPLC chromatogram, MS data, and synthesis report are provided free of charge.

For HPLC purified peptides, turn–around time is about 15 working days. Analytical HPLC chromatogram, MS data, and synthesis report are provided free of charge.

Modification Price

Acetylation (N-Terminal) Free
Amidation (C-Terminal) Free
Biotin (N-Terminal) US$65
Biotin (C-Terminal) US$195
Aminohexanoic acid (Ahx) US$39
Citrulline (Cit) US$39
Hydroxyproline (Hyp) US$39
Myristic acid (Myr) US$39
Ornithine (Orn) US$39
Phosphorylation-Serine US$154
Phosphorylation-Threonine US$154
Phosphorylation-Tyrosine US$154
Cyclization US$195
Disulfide Bridge US$195

Fluorescence/Dye Labeling Price

FAM US$154

Multiple Antigenic Peptide (MAP) System Price

Asymmetric 4 branches US$130
Symmetric 4 branches US$130
Asymmetric 8 branches US$130
Symmetric 8 branches US$130 

The prices above are only for peptides less than 10mg. Please enquire for the yields more than 10mg.
Other modifications and labels are available upon request.


Starting from $3.7 per amino acid.
Purities from crude to 98%
Phosphorylation/Fluorescein/Biotin labeled peptides
Cyclic peptides
MAP peptides
2-3 weeks turnaround time
Large scale (>1 gram), Long sequence (>50mer), unusual, and difficulty peptides are available upon request.
Free consulting services for selecting antigen specificity.

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