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      Visible Light Device for Nucleic and protein detection

      New generation of  detection device for nucleic acid and protein gel electrophoresis sample   

      observation, processing, analysis and photography.


Visible Light Transilluminator Package"
A: Dark box; B: Viewing plate;
C: Power supply; D: Viewing glasses


  1. Using visible light as the light source and there is NO damaging and dangerous UV radiation to worry about.
  2. Allows the visualization of as little as 20pg dsDNA, Sensitivity is around 8-20 times than that obtained with EtBr and UV transilluminator.
  3. Good for viewing a wide range of fluorescent samples including SYBR Green, GelStar, GelGreen, SYPRO Ruby, flurescein and various GFPs.
  4. One  free pair of viewing glasses with exactly the same optical properties as the screen. The glasses are a key accessory for cutting bands out of gels.
  5. Allows taking color pictures using digital camera.


Fig 1,   Dye in the sample:5μl,3μl,2μl,1μl,0.5μl,0.25μl,0.1μl(left to right)

Fig 2,  Dye in the gel:1μl,0.5μl,0.25μl,0.1μl,0.05μl,0.025μl,0.01μl(left to right)